One Friday morning at the markets


So I went to the markets Friday morning once again, but I must admit it's sometimes a little more difficult then other days to get out of a warm cosy bed at 4 in the morning into a cold and dark atmosphere. I break records in dressing quickly, make a cup of tea in my travel mug ( which I forget on the kitchen counter most of the times ). Out the door into the car and heater on.

 But there is something to be said about being out at that time, on a clear night with a full moon it's peaceful and magical. the 45 minutes drives gives me a chance to recapitulate in my mind the designs that I will create.

When market doors open the buzz is on, florists running around everwhere looking for those perfect blooms and if you hesitate on something, oops too late someone else didn't and then you just want to hit yourself. I've learned my lesson a few times so now I just go for it.

I  pre-order a least half of what I need and hunt around for the rest, the plan gets changed a little most of the time because with all the available choices, I always find some irrisistable amazing blooms or wild and funky botanicals.

I love seasonal flowers, because they give you something to look forward. This friday Ranunculus and Pieris had just arrived and everyone was throwing themselves at them, me included.

Once I've finished going round the market 5000 timessmiley and I'm sure that I have all that I need It's coffee time, and then I can't wait to get home and start creating.

The flowers as is back from the market

Columbiand roses ( rosita vendela) Pale pink mini roses, White Ranunculus, pink Pieris, Gum





David Auten Rose ( Patience )


David Austen and Pieris








Posted by Corinne on Aug 20, 2012 - 10:19 AM